What Do Small Businesses Look For?

Every business seeks out different things when considering an applicant for a position. The person must be a good fit for the company, so research the corporation and the job before you enter an interview. Know what they are looking for. This shows you are interested in the position, and consider your work seriously. Depending on the industry you may need to concentrate on purely professional experience, whereas attitude and personality play a major role if you are applying for a job in the service industry. Generally however, there are some quick dos and don’ts that always apply. DO be on time. DO be polite. DO dress nicely and cleanly. This applies to your general hygiene as well. DO NOT have your first question be “how much does it pay?” This shows your priorities are to yourself, not to the company.

As for the resume, different employers look for different things but experience is always an asset, remember to include dates, names and places. Obviously educational background is a must for most businesses, and you should also include any scholarships or awards you’ve received. Include as well any interests or hobbies you may have, it shows the employer that you are well rounded and fun. Generally, include any relevant information to the business on your resume and include a cover letter introducing yourself to the employer (research their name!), and why you are interested in the job. Include as well a reference sheet, or make one available upon request. These should not be names of family or friends, but past employers or anybody who can vouch for past working experience. To really make you stand out above the other interviewees, send a letter to the interviewer thanking them for their time a day or two after the meeting.