What is Petroleum and Why is it Important?

Crude oil is used to make petroleum, a fossil fuel that is extremely important in our everyday lives. It ensures that we are able to get to the office and shops without having to resort to walking. This fuel also ensures that we are able to purchase food for our families that has been delivered to the store. In short, if the petroleum supply had to cease, the world as we know it would literally come to a complete stop.

Petroleum Makes the World go Round

Petroleum is an absolutely essential component of our everyday lives. Without it, there would be no vehicles on the road. This means that there would be virtually no production of goods taking place, because the vehicles that are used to transport raw materials to manufacturing plants require petroleum or diesel in order to drive them. Without petroleum, many people would not be able to get to work or school each day because of the fact that many of our workplaces or schools are simply not within walking distance of where we live.

Petroleum is Instrumental in Saving Lives

Many people who have found themselves in a medical emergency have relied upon the services of either an ambulance or even a helicopter to ensure that they reach a hospital in time. If a building catches fire, the services of a fire truck are needed in order to extinguish the flames. Without the services that these emergency vehicles provide, thousands of lives would be lost on a daily basis. These vehicles rely on petroleum or diesel in order to operate and serve the public.

Food Supplies Rely on Petroleum Products

When a person goes shopping, they normally don’t stop to think about how the food they buy has arrived on the shelves at the store. Every single food item in the store has been delivered by a vehicle which relies on petroleum or diesel to operate. Without petroleum, many people would go hungry or even starve to death. Farmers rely on petroleum or diesel in order to harvest and maintain food crops. Virtually every single aspect of our lives is heavily reliant on the use of petroleum products.

Many Consumer Products Contain Petroleum Products

Oil and gas are also an important part of our everyday lives. Without gas, many people would not be able to cook food, especially in countries where electricity is not accessible to everyone. Many cosmetic products contain petroleum- based ingredients. Petroleum products are also used in the manufacturing of lubricating oils, heating oil and tar. Without tar, there would be no roads on which to transport goods to various places.

Petroleum and petroleum products are definitely a crucial element of our everyday lives. Without them, civilization would not have grown to be what it is today. It is up to us to ensure that we utilize this fossil fuel as wisely as possible to ensure that there is a sufficient supply for future generations to make use of.