What is Twitter and Can Your Business Make Money from it?

Although social media has made an explosive impact on our culture, many people are not as interested as others. These people may have ask the question “What is Twitter?” when the social networking site is brought up. Twitter, like its counterpart site Facebook, has become more than just a way to pass the time and communicate with friends. It can provide a serious boost to your business in many ways.

What is Twitter?

Twitter was launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. In the 7 years since, it has gained massive worldwide popularity. It is a social media site that is essentially propelled by what are known as tweets. A tweet is a message that, usually no more than a few sentences long, allow Twitter users to update people about their professional, social, and interpersonal activities and interests. These tweets, capable of being posted through the Twitter website or via mobile phone, are seen and read by a Twitter user’s followers. This keeps people immediately informed on the person who they are following.

Trending Topics

What is Twitter used for? The essential purpose of the site is promotion. Many celebrities as well as organizations use the site in order to spread information about their causes, concerns, projects, and services. This is accomplished through the trending topics part of Twitter. A trending topic is one that is tagged at a very high rate and is featured on the site’s homepage. The way to tag topics on Twitter is by using what is called the “hash tag”, also known as the # symbol. For example, a Tweet about Nike shoes would end with “# Nike shoes”. A large number of these tags will make it trending.

Platform for Businesses

The answer to “What is Twitter?” is not just that it’s a social networking site. It has also become a tremendous platform for businesses. With currently 500 million users, there is a very wide potential audience that your business has the chance to reach. An official Twitter page is an excellent way to keep your market informed of everything new that is happening with your business. Getting your business to become a trending topic is a primary goal. But, trending topics can also help you keep your finger on your market’s pulse, in a way that was unheard of several years ago.

Make Money with Twitter

What is Twitter also useful for? It can be used to sell products. There is a retailing service on the site called Woot that informs its followers of products that are currently on sale. These items are usually highly discounted and only one is sold a day through the service’s six online shops. Woot also has 1.5 million loyal followers and getting your products into one of their shops is a great way to make money with Twitter. Your business can also benefit by selling products for Twitter. The site allows you to create software that incorporates and organizes tweets in real time and sell them to followers.

Connecting with Customers

Having an official Twitter page gives you a means to connect with current and potential customers like never before. You can establish a quick-paced dialogue with them that, through the site, actually becomes quite personal. What is Twitter most known for being? A place to socialize. Therefore, you should use this edge to connect with customers on a social level and thereby attract more. You can also establish an unofficial partnership with followers, asking them to promote your products with their tweets and consequently receive prizes, as the company SkinnyCorp did. This is another way to not only make money with Twitter but keep customers happy as well.

Those who ask “What is Twitter?” may be quite skeptical of its potential to bring in great business for your company. Small businesses, in particular, have remained on the fence about this method of promotion. It has proven to be the new way of marketing, though. Many businesses have benefited from it and used it very creatively to make money.