What Type of Affordable Small Business Servers Are There?

What Type of Affordable Small Business Servers Are There?

 When consumers want to know about a company, their first stop is usually the company website. The importance of a company website cannot be understated. Making customers aware of the range of products, the hours of operation for the business, and answering frequently asked questions are some questions a site can answer. For a website, a business requires a small business server to store the website and allow customers to interact with it.

 Web Hosting

 There are many different choices for a small business server, such as buying a physical server which the company owns, or using an existing computer within the network as a server for the entire network, but the most cost-effective choice is likely to be web hosting. When a business in need of a small business server uses web hosting, they are renting space on a preexisting network. Web hosting offers a smaller upfront cost and less technological know-how than other options. Machine maintenance, and software upkeep is the concern the server company.

 What to Look for in Web Hosting

 The market for various web hosting services is huge. There are many companies, each offering different prices and services. Small business servers are a growing market, and keeping abreast of new developments is the key to making sure of getting the best deal. When looking at a hosting company for your small business server, there are many things to consider.

 Pricing is important in a small business server, but other aspects such as reliability, available tools for building a website, space and bandwidth concerns are all things to take into account. The key is to realistically assess the needs of the site that the business is building. Many hosts offer multiple gigabytes of space, for instance, but if your site is small, this may not be necessary right away. It may be better to go with a cheaper plan until the website becomes more popular. A good hosting service will make it easy to upgrade later.

 Free Hosting

There are many places that will offer hosting for free, but is this the right choice for your small business server? Unless the business is very small, the answer is probably no. Free programs are more geared towards the needs of a personal website, and many of them have very bare bones functionality. It can be difficult to get a truly customized site with them. Some rely on templates for determining the look and feel of the site, and limit the kind of coding you can use to alter the way the template appears, which makes it hard for your page to stand out.

 Paid Hosting

 There are different sorts of hosting available for those willing to pay. The functionality of the site host varies greatly between services. It is important to compare them to find one that is right for your small business server. What follows below is a list of some of the more common services, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. In general, the idea that you get what you pay for is fairly applicable in this instance, but make sure you are not paying for more than you need! Try to find a site that only offers the options that are useful to your small business server.


This company offers a plethora of utilities for $7.99 a month, including personalized domain name, unlimited space and flexible site building tools suitable for people with any level of programming capability. There are many positive reviews for the site, praising its ease of use, which may be the most important thing for your small business server. However, there are also repeated reports that the price of the service unexpectedly increases after the first year. The reports on reliability are very mixed, some users never have a problem, and others seem to see repeated down times and lag.


Inmotion has a “launch” package targeted for the needs of a small business server at $5.95 a month. Many tools are available on every plan, including e-mail, streaming video and audio. The different plans generally determine how many domains and sub-domains are available to the client. The service boasts unlimited space across all accounts, which may make it the choice for your small business server. Reviews online are generally positive, though many cite disorganized billing practices and uninformed customer service representatives as a reason for leaving.

Host Monster

Host Monster’s plans start at $4.98 a month, and have many resources available to every level of user, including an unlimited amount of domains and sub-domains, though the domain name is only free for the first year. There is also an easy to install shopping cart feature available for free to allow online shopping, which may be a make or break function for your small business server.

his may seem like the answer to your small business server needs, but hold on because reviews bashing the company’s user support team are spread over many hosting review sites. There are also allegations of deleting content without notice. Bluehost, listed as a sister company to Host Monster, was publicly accused of site censoring in March 2009, so these gripes may have some basis. In any case, it is always best to have backup copies of any web content, and anything else you may store on your small business server.


Many people have seen GoDaddy’s television ads featuring the “GoDaddy Girls”, and some may remember their controversial spot during Super Bowl XLII. It is one of the most popular and public of the web hosting services. GoDaddy’s least expensive hosting plan is $4.95 a month, and doesn’t insist on the signing of a long term contract. It also offers a few interesting options for customers looking for a good small business server, such as free forums. Additionally, there is the ability to share data base space with another company, allowing each company to have more space for less.

Sometimes being the most famous has its downsides. There is a lot of public controversy about GoDaddy’s business practices, including the company’s initial support of the controversial SOPA bill. Many of these complaints were detailed on a site called NoDaddy, where former customers and employees posted gripes about the company. GoDaddy has since acquired the site, which was originally hosted through its own domain services. If these things bother you, it may not be the place for your small business server.

If a business owner is uncertain about which hosting service provides the best deal for the needs of his small business server, and comparing the different attributes is unhelpful, try contacting the business’s customer service and asking them questions. Bad customer service is one of the biggest gripes in hosting service reviews. Regardless of any problems you may encounter while finding a good small business server to host your data, having knowledgeable personnel to guide you can make all the difference.