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Are Nonprofits Considered Corporations?

In business and legal terminology, a nonprofit is not considered a corporation. A nonprofit is typically an organization that operates to serve a public or mutual benefit rather than generating profits for its owners or shareholders.

Nonprofits are often formed as nonprofit corporations, a specific type of corporation the IRS recognizes for tax-exempt status. However, not all nonprofits are corporations, and not all corporations are nonprofits. The term "nonprofit corporation" refers to the legal structure of the organization, not its tax status or purpose.

Nonprofits can also be formed as trusts, associations, or unincorporated associations, depending on the state's laws in which they are organized. Regardless of their legal structure, nonprofits must meet specific requirements to qualify for tax-exempt status, such as operating for charitable, educational, or religious purposes.

While a nonprofit may be formed as a corporation, it is not considered a corporation traditionally, as its purpose and tax status are fundamentally different from a for-profit corporation.

  • Published: Mar 8, 2024
  • Updated: Mar 8, 2024

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